Spring Fishing

As we slowly inch along on the path of spring, we see signs.
These signs are in the light through the trees. Its in the song of the birds, whether they are cardinals or finches. It’s in the bluebird family, revisiting their bird house. To me spring is also a time of planning and organizing as to maximize my efficiency and enjoyment of the outdoors. I focus, just like the birds and the trees in the warm weather to come. The ocean too begins a change. The sun warms the surface and calles the first plankton to bloom. The moon summons the herring and alewives to run the rivers black with numbers. Soon the stripers will be arriving. They follow the herring to the rivers and out to sea again. After the water warms, the mackerel show. And so this endless call and response of predator and prey occurs every year, begining with the first robin, and the first daffodil. Soon it will be May, and the fishing will be excellent. The codfish, who just like the robin and the herring return. In the shallow waters off the Isles of Shoals they spawn on the moon. We will catch lots of codfish then, and Haddock to. I encourage everyone to be a part of this chronology. By June, the grass will be cut several times and the tuna begin to show. Bluefin tuna come here for the herring and the mackerel. They feed and feed until they increase there weight nearly 30%. This too is remarkable. On our charters to Jeffery’s ledge, we see tunas and whales, large basking sharks, seal and dolphins. We are a part of the biomass itself.

I encourage you to book a trip and explore the wonderful resources we have access to here in New Hampshire -the ocean.

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