May 12,was Father/son day with Clandestino Charters, to prepare for Mother’s day

Saturday was a fantastic trip, with a group of rabble-rousers from the seacoast area. Chris and Max Duffy, Vinnie and Brian Gennaco, George Nardi and  and last but not least-Ed Bonner.  The weather was great, but this fishing was a bit elusive until the tide switch, which was around 10:30 am.  Southern Jeffery’s produced some gorgeous post-spawn Haddock.  We didn’t see too many codfish.  May guess is the biomass is still on the inshore side of the basin and breeding.  We will begin to see some lanky cod in the weeks to come as they leave their spawning grounds and move to forage throughout the Gulf of Maine.  The afternoon made the entire trip.  Six guys boated close to 80 fish.

I really enjoy this group.  They are all tied to fisheries in some way.  I am grateful they come aboard every year and trust my skills and knowledge.

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