Bluefin Tuna

We had agreat season. Our Hooking season for Bluefin began in the latter part of July.  On our 2nd trip out, we landed a 106′ tuna that dressed around 500lbs.  Being an early season fish, the quality was below Japanese standards, so it fetched below 10 per lb.

With the water temps above normal, and a steady southerly flow to the prevailing winds and weather patterns, the tuna never really turned on.  A more descriptive term to the season was “grind.” Often times when we felt dialed in and just on the edge of a good bite, the fish would no sooner turn off and dissipate.  We landed fish   from Portland,ME to Gloucester,MA and more often than not the bite was just out front of Rye….(Scanthum and surrounding humps) due to the enormous amount of bait spread throughout.  All in all we sent 15 fish to Japan.  our last fish was landed on the 6th of October.  We will be offering Tuna charters next season during the prime days.  Please keep checking in on the blog posts.  See you soon.

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